A Documentary FeaturE from


One man's dream to build a boat

... and sail it home.

After his 70th birthday, Vik Pengilly-Johnson leaves the loneliness of his flat in southern England on one last adventure. But when Vik’s little boat encounters troubled waters he is drawn closer to the treasure that he left behind.



ONE LONG JOURNEY is a feature documentary from AllRitesReversed. The production was funded by the generous support of the backers of our successful  Kickstarter campaign.


The soundtrack was provided by Manchester electro-blues duo Walk. You can hear a selection of tracks and purchase our soundtrack EP, The Boatyard, below.


ONE LONG JOURNEY is currently being submitted to festivals, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on news and screenings.

— CREW —

Post-production sound

Martin Salmonsen, Jon Tipler

Sound mixing Martin Salomonsen

Music David Schlechtriemen & Rik Warren

Stills photography Jon Purcell

Graphics and titles Ross Phillips




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An AllRitesReversed

Production 2016